Beauty is found in nature and Thassos, the emerald island, is a source of unique natural beauty.

The island is ideal for nature lovers and those who like to do activities during their vacation. Some suggestions:


Waterfall :

Outside Castle village there is a 2 meter waterfall with crystal clear waters whichas leads to a small lake.


Lake :

Outside Maries village, there is a lake which is a very beautiful sight.


Old Path at Theologos :

Outside Theologos village, there is a beautiful path many years which is ideal for hiking.


Love springs :

Outside Panagia village are the love springs. Ideal place to relax and enjoy the sound of the running water. The legend says that old men went to the sources to wish to acquire sons.

Moreover, Thassos has many lacy beaches, wild cliffs, hidden caves, unique natural sea pools, traditional villages. Ask our staff to suggest additional points.